Welcome to the Tabletop Game League. The first board game league in Columbus. Players will play twelve different games over a eight week league to earn points in a quest to be the league leader!


8 week League | Monday Nights 6-10pm
Spring Session starts May 6th 2019
Max 32 players | No Teams | 21+ Only


  • Scythe

  • Terraforming Mars

  • Evolution Climate

  • Sagrada

  • Clank!

  • Whistle Stop

  • Tokaido

  • Five Tribes

  • Photosynthesis

  • Century Spice Road

  • Unearth

  • Bunny Kingdom

All games will be scheduled in advance. Games must have 3 players to count. Week 1 is free-play - no points will be awarded. It’s a chance to meet other league players and get to know some of the games you’ll be playing if you don’t know them all already. Week 8 will pit the top players against themselves and points are doubled.

1 point per game you play - 4 bonus points for winning (rare cases of ties give two players, 2 bonus points, or three players, 1 bonus point)

Learning the games is the responsibility of players prior to playing. Tabletop staff will be final arbitrator on all rule disputes.


$30 Entry Fee

Everyone Gets:

Pint Glass from Local Brewery
Happy Hour Priced Drinks on League Night
Free Snacks

1st Place - Cash Prize!
2nd Place - Tabletop Gift Certificates
3rd Place - Games

Plus weekly prizes!