Event Nights


Tuesday - RPG Night

Bring your whole group, an adventure open to new players, or just yourself! We'll provide sign-up sheets for new games and players looking for games. Also, expect some 1-shot adventures, too!

Game masters get a free flight of snacks as our thanks for running a game. We've come to know that a happy game master is a happy party.

Thursday - Board Game Meet Up

Here's your chance to try new games and make new friends!

It's not always easy to find the right number of friends to play your favorite game. On Thursday nights we invite board game fans of all interest and skill level to come and mix it up. Come by yourself, as a couple or bring your whole group. Starting at 6:30 we invite people to start games and open them up to other players. In the coming weeks we'll introduce some theme nights and tournaments. 

Happy Hour prices are extended to 8pm - $4 Beers - Draft, Bottles or Cans.

2nd Sunday - Game Designer Meet-up

Meet other local game designers and playtest new ideas, give feedback and learn about getting into the industry.

4th Sunday - Columbus Board Gaymer Meet-up

Columbus Board Gaymers exists to be a safe(r), fun place for LGBTQ and Allies to play games, make friends, get frustrated when someone steals your game piece, and laugh.